Our Values

At Kolak, our core organisational values are derived from the importance that we place upon our people, our performance and our passion based on the following points:

A commitment to mutual respect runs throughout our business. Our people are behind all of our successes and we recognise the contribution that everyone makes each working day. In turn, this unique culture ensures that all of our employees take pride at work and strive to underpin the quality and trust with which we are associated. Kolak is a true team effort and every individual counts.

We work honestly with customers and the openness and transparency of our systems and procedures helps them to have confidence in us as a business and in our products. Clear lines of communication are also developed and these allow us to continually exceed customer expectations.

Client Centric
We are a customer-driven business and are proud to have established long term relationships with many of the most respected grocery retailers. These partnerships have been built through our ability to align market requirements with exceptional product quality. Our philosophy of getting things right for each and every customer and our consistently high performance generates exceptional loyalty in the Kolak name.

Our positive, can-do attitude allows us to develop and refine our processes in order to meet the ever evolving needs of our customers. Our commitment to innovation and investment in technology also ensure that we are able to produce a diverse range of snack based products to the very highest specifications.
Unlike many other businesses, Kolak appreciates that exceptional quality and value for money need not be mutually exclusive. We therefore carefully source the finest ingredients, purchase at the lowest possible prices and manufacture efficiently. In doing so, we are able to sell quality assured products at highly competitive prices whilst working as a value-adding supplier to each client.