Kolak represent the Food Manufacturing Sector for ‘Technicians make it happen’

In April 2016 The Gatsby Charitable Foundation launched a new campaign: ‘Technicians make it happen’. The program aims to challenge outdated notions of who our nation’s technicians are and what they do. The UK’s 1.5 million technicians are crucial to the economy and future growth. However, the work of technicians is often poorly understood and young people, parents and teachers are not always aware of the exciting range of technician jobs available. Kolak are very proud to represent the Food Manufacturing Sector. Technicians Make it Happen is a multi-channel campaign that  raise’s awareness of the role that technicians play in the UK economy..

Yao Nie . Senior Quality Assurance Manager. A case study.

“I am representing the Food and Drink sector in the Technicians Make it Happen campaign. My case study is featured on the campaign website and my story is being used across social media. I have come a long way in a short time. When I joined Kolak as  a laboratory technician four years ago, I was unaware of the opportunities for career development. But I learnt fast and now following several promotions I am a Senior Quality Assurance Manager. Having had the opportunity to progress through the company’s KoLearn development program I am now keen to develop my own team of technicians. I want to give them the same opportunities that I had.”