Training & Development

Kolearn, our unique people development program underpins our corporate values and commitment to satisfying customer requirements. Kolearn also ensures that our people are treated properly so they can develop enjoyable and rewarding careers with us.
The program has been specifically designed to create an environment in which employees can receive training, personal development, work based learning, coaching and constructive feedback. As such, it helps us to provide a workplace that inspires and motivates people to succeed.

Employee engagement
We understand that employees must be engaged if they are to really contribute towards us meeting our overall objectives. We therefore obtain independent advice on our performance through Sedex annual ethical audits supported by an active welfare committee and regular one-to-one sessions.

Training and development
We recognise the need to invest in development if the best people are to be attracted and retained within our business. As such, training and talent management are taken very seriously at Kolak and spending has further increased recently in order to strengthen these strategically important areas. As a result, we are placing more importance than ever on training, employee development plans, talent management and employee performance management.

Openness and inclusion
Kolak’s workforce has always been diverse and we are committed to providing an inclusive working environment in which everyone is treated fairly. We believe that employing people with different backgrounds, life experiences and skill sets is beneficial to our business and those of our customers.

As such, respecting every individual is central to our corporate values and our future objectives. In addition, our employment policies and practices have been carefully developed to prevent and discourage discrimination and promote equal opportunities and fair treatment for all